The Stories of Women in Fluids

Our platform empowers women to lead, advise, and inspire others.

Our Mission

The Stories of Women in Fluids (SOWIF) Initiative is dedicated to providing a dynamic written platform, inspiring women to mentor and motivate girls and fellow women towards successful fluid dynamics careers. Our dual anthologies serve as catalysts, empowering women to foster diverse representation in the fields of fluid dynamics and physics. Our focus aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by finding female role models and advisors. We prioritize highlighting resilient women, especially women of color, sharing positive narratives, and actively nurturing the recruitment and retention of women in fluid dynamics. 

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Our Anthologies

Middle Grade Anthology

This anthology is geared towards female-identifying middle graders (ages 8-12) to encourage and inspire them to explore the possibilities of a fluid dynamics career. By sharing what drives us in our work, we ignite their early career aspirations. With contributions from graduate students, faculty, and science communicators, this collection aims to enhance the representation of women in fluid dynamics. 

Our goal is to amplify the presence of girls in this field by speaking to and investing in them, nurturing their self-image as they shape their place in society. 

Career Anthology

This anthology  is geared towards current and aspiring professionals in fluid dynamics and broader STEM fields. We share our career evolution stories and insights gained through experience. Beyond the narratives, this anthology also offers a contextual view of the collective journey of women in fluid dynamics, alongside resources for our allies. Our contributors cover a wide spectrum of career stages and experiences, from undergrad to retired faculty, with insights for everyone. 

Our goal is to foster retention and growth in fluid dynamics careers by speaking to and investing in women as they progress through their career journeys in the field of fluid dynamics. 

Upcoming Events

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